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Preparing your Lake Stevens rental property for the market is an important first-step in the leasing process. Many landlords and property owners are anxious to get it advertised, find a tenant, and have rent coming in. That’s understandable. But, to ensure you get the best results and have a successful investment experience, you need to spend some time preparing the property.

Good tenants have a lot of choices in this market, and they’re not going to consider applying for your property if it isn’t move-in ready. Here are some basic things to focus on as you’re preparing to rent out your property.

Create Some Curb Appeal that Attracts Potential Renters

You understand the power of first impressions. This extends to your rental property, and you want to attract the attention of highly qualified residents quickly. The best way to do this is with great advertising and with fantastic curb appeal. Make your Lake Stevens rental property look as appealing and inviting as possible.

Evaluate the home’s exterior, and if you think it can benefit from fresh paint or a quick power wash, get to work on those things. Make sure the lawn is mowed and well-landscaped. Remove any debris or trash bins. Clean out the gutters and trim back the tree branches. Make sure there isn’t any overgrowth that’s covering the windows. Check the exterior lighting and make sure the front door is clean, free of cobwebs, and welcoming.

If the front of your property doesn’t look great, your prospective tenants won’t bother going in to see it. Create an attractive first impression for potential renters.

Inspect for Maintenance Issues or Repair Needs

Inside the property, everything has to be functioning properly. Check your appliances, turn on your faucets, and flush your toilets. Make sure all of the doors and windows lock, and check the condition of your floors, walls, stairs, and ceilings. If anything is broken or worn, you need to repair or replace it before you list the home and begin welcoming prospective tenants into the home to look around. Don’t try to make assurances that you’ll fix something before they move in. Make sure everything is in great condition now.

Most importantly, check for safety and habitability issues. Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure there aren’t any trip hazards like buckled flooring or carpet. Ensure your handrails are tight.

Establish Your Standards of Cleanliness

cleanAn extremely clean property is critical if you want to rent it quickly to great tenants for the most amount of rent. No one wants to live in another person’s dirt and mess. Hire a professional cleaning team to really scrub the home from top to bottom and give it the attention to detail that it needs before you put it on the market.

Dust the ceiling fans, make sure the hardware in the bathrooms and kitchen sparkle, and pull the appliances out from the walls to dust and vacuum under and behind them. Pay special attention to the floors, and make sure you’re able to keep the home clean during the showing and application process.

If you take care of these items, you’re ready to take some good marketing photos for your online ads and put your rental property on the market.

We can help you get your home rent-ready. If you have any questions about Lake Stevens leasing and property management, please contact us at Real Estate Gladiators.