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Every rental property will eventually need routine or emergency maintenance, regardless of its age and condition. It’s important to be prepared for these maintenance requirements. You’ll need a budget and a team of professional vendors and contractors who can take care of the work reliably and affordably.

One of the best reasons to work with a professional Bellevue property management company is that all of your maintenance needs will be taken care of by an expert. You won’t have to worry about late night phone calls or unreliable vendors.

Why Are Property Maintenance Services Critical?

Keeping your property well-maintained is critical for a number of reasons. First, it protects the condition of your investment and allows your asset to increase in value. It also ensures your tenants are satisfied and comfortable in their homes. The main reason renters leave a property is that their landlords are unresponsive to maintenance. When you take care of even minor issues right away, you increase your tenant retention and save money on turnover and vacancy costs.

Preventative and regular maintenance reduces your repair costs. When you’re staying on top of your property’s maintenance needs, you’re keeping your costs low and minimizing headaches. A small repair under a sink might cost $200 and a couple of hours to fix today. If you leave it for a few months, you could face thousands of dollars in water damage and a much bigger problem. Staying on top of repairs makes financial sense.

Professional Property Maintenance Services

A good property manager will have a maintenance system in place that’s consistent, effective, and designed to protect your property and keep your costs minimized. At Real Estate Gladiators, we have an excellent property management in Bellevue software system that enables tenants to make their maintenance requests online. It allows us to document everything that’s reported and respond to issues right away. We evaluate the problem, dispatch the appropriate vendor, and follow up to ensure the work was done properly.

Your property manager will also schedule routine maintenance and inspections. For example, your HVAC system is one of the most expensive units in your property. Having it inspected, serviced, and cleaned on a regular basis will ensure it continues to work properly, cut down on maintenance requests associated with heating and cooling, and extend the lifespan of that expensive system.

Budgeting for Rental Property Maintenance

budgetingMaintenance expenses are never fun. They cut into your cash flow and your ROI. That’s why it’s so important to budget for them. Make sure you have a maintenance reserve set aside so you aren’t caught off guard when a large repair is necessary. Property management companies can help you track and handle expenses. When you have professionals looking out for your property, you can forecast when you’ll need to replace things like appliances, floors, and roofs.

We believe maintaining your home is one of our most important roles as your property manager. If you have any questions about how we handle the maintenance process, what we expect from our tenants in terms of maintaining your home, or how we protect your investment, please contact us at Real Estate Gladiators. We’d be happy to tell you more.