What Are The Most Common Issaquah Rental Repairs? - Article Banner

Making repairs to your Issaquah rental home isn’t fun. It’s actually expensive and sometimes it’s even irritating. 

But, it’s absolutely necessary. 

When you’re renting out a property, your job is to ensure it’s safe and habitable for the tenants who are paying to live there. Repair requests are part of the equation. 

We’ve been managing rental homes in Issaquah and the surrounding area for many years, and we’re often asked which repairs are most likely to be needed. The answer will typically depend on your property and its age and condition. But, there are a few repairs that are extremely common. You can almost certainly expect to be called about one of these things during any lease term.

Issaquah Rental Property Plumbing: Leaks and Clogs

Dripping faucets, leaking appliances, and toilets that won’t flush are pretty common. Anything involving water merits an immediate response from us because plumbing issues that are left untreated can quickly become major repairs and expensive projects. 

We also see a lot of repair requests that revolve around clogged drains. It’s easy for sinks to get backed up and showers or tubs to have drainage issues. Sometimes it’s a matter of too much hair in a drain, which is something tenants should be taking care of. Make sure your residents understand all of your expectations and their responsibilities. You want your tenants to change their air filters regularly and to check under sinks for leaks. 

Garbage Disposals Issues

Garbage disposals, it seems, create an ongoing need for repairs. It’s easy for them to become clogged, and they tend to get stuck. Sometimes, tenants contribute to these problems by throwing things into the disposal that are bad for it. When you go out to reset disposals or clear clogs, look for things like pasta noodles, rice, coffee grounds, and potato skins. These things can clog disposals, and you want to educate your tenants on what they should and shouldn’t put in a garbage disposal. This may cut down the number of maintenance calls you get on this particular issue.

HVAC Repairs in Issaquah Rental Homes

Garbage disposal repairs don’t cost much, and you can send out a handyman to fix them and sometimes even talk a tenant through the repair if it’s as simple as accessing the reset button. 

But, when there’s a problem with your heating and cooling system, you might have to spend some serious money. HVAC issues are very common, and this is where preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money. 

When an experienced technician is checking your furnace and air conditioning unit on an annual basis, you’ll have fewer repairs requested by tenants. Make sure you’re keeping your HVAC system well-maintained.

Appliances in Rental Homes

Repair AppliancesAppliances are going to be used every day in your rental home, so prepare to repair them and replace them as necessary. It may be a simple dishwasher that isn’t running or a dryer that isn’t drying. Sometimes, the repairs are more complex and it makes sense to buy a new appliance rather than try to fix the existing one. 

Upgrading to a new appliance can come with additional benefits. For example, they are usually more energy efficient and your tenants will be happier to have a new appliance in their home.  Consider replacing instead of repairing appliances, especially if they are old and worn. 

If you have any questions about maintaining your home and what you should expect in terms of repairs and costs, please contact us at Real Estate Gladiators.